Author Talk: Suzanne McLeod and Jaine Fenn

Room change alert: We’re in the Rutter Room now, not Proctor.

thanks to Dan Morison/ Darkmechanic for supplying the awesome image. and my design stuff can be viewed here
Authors Jaine Fenn and Suzanne McLeod are coming to Shaftesbury Arts Centre on July 16th 2013, at 6:30pm to talk about their books and writing in general.

Both Jaine and Suzanne are published by Gollancz, and have lots of experience of writing and publishing. Jaine is a British Science Fiction writer, author of a number of short stories and of the Hidden Empire series of novels. Suzanne is the author of the popular urban fantasy series of novels.

Tickets on the door of the Rutter Room SAC: £3 to SAC members, £4 to non-members.

No need to book a place, just come along on the night. See you there!


One thought on “Author Talk: Suzanne McLeod and Jaine Fenn”

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